Luchon 2019 : what are the series the most anticipated of the Festival of Creations television ?

From February 6 to 10, the 21st edition of the Festival in the heart of the Midi-Pyrénées region will host a large number of French fiction popular, exclusives and previews. Overview of the series, of which we are the most curious. Inside 6X52min – France 2 A violent crime was committed in a psychiatric clinic. The victim, Ana, a young woman of 28 years had been interned against his will and had to go out the day after the evening where she was murdered. This was found choked and… the heart ripped out… Angèle, a young and brilliant inspector of police is in charge of the investigation. Does it matter the crime of a madman or that of a “normopathe” perfectly lucid, which applies to the pass for the act of a madman ? Psychiatric hospital, murders and bloody serial killer; with a duo of women top-color head casting (Noémie Schmidt, and Beatrice Dalle), this thriller promises to be darker than the proposals include the usual chain on a detective series, and flirts with the genre… At the risk of confusing the public ? We asked to see. A Plane without it 6X52min – M6 On December 23, 1977, the plane of the line connecting Istanbul to Paris, stalls and crashes on the Mont Terrible, one of the flanks of the mountains of the Jura, the French-swiss border. Only survivor, a baby of three months. But in the plane, there were two families with a baby. And in 1977, still no DNA test. Lyse-Rose or Emilie ? What is the identity of this infant ? Two families, opposite, tear for their recognition of the fatherhood of the one that the media have dubbed Dragonfly. After 20 years of investigations, the private detective in charge of investigating the case is the victim of an assassination. He had to send his journal to Emily, as a young woman. It was then that the wheels of the investigation are again released, and the mystery unfolds… After the success of Mom was wrong on France 2 last year, it is now M6, which will feature a new adaptation of a novel by Michel Bussi. With Bruno Solo, Yaniss Lespert and Anne Consigny in the casting, hope that the result will be just as neat as the previous one. Red Shadows 6X52min – C8 1993. Clara Garnier (Manon Azem) is kidnapped. His captors demand a ransom in exchange for his release. On the day of the exchange ends in a blood bath : the mother of Clara dies and the child disappears.25 years later, the older sister of Clara, Aurora (Nadia Farès), became a police officer investigates a murder and discovers clues that her sister would still be alive and live without knowing its origins. Against the will skeptical of his father and brothers, she persuades Clara to return to his family and to discover the truth about his past. But the return of Clara reveals family secrets and triggers a series of violent acts. Presented in preview at the festival, the first “home creation” of C8 (attached to the Canal+ group) is highly anticipated. The chain of the TNT can propose a fiction that renews the genre – a little old-fashioned – sagas of the summer ? A perfect man 90min – France 2-Maxime (Loïc Corbery) is a loving husband and a considerate father. So, when his daughter, Claire, denounces his actions are incestuous to her mother, imploring her to protect her, Daphne (Odile Vuillemin) was slow to believe it. The love that she bears to Maximus leads it to deny the obvious. Yet the suspicions are confirmed, the doubt is dispelled and the facts will push Daphne to react. But it is too late. Maxime, on the strength of this facade of a man above reproach, manipulates the police and the courts in order to turn them against the mother of his children. Up where a mother should she go to protect her daughters and to enforce his rights, when no one is willing to believe ? After the emotion generated by the movie on domestic violence The right of way in 2014 on TF1, Odile Vuillemin finds himself again confronted with a taboo subject in this family drama that promises to evoke strong reactions, and to put the topic of sexual violence on minors in the heart of the public debate. Thanksgiving 3X45min – 28 February on Arte Vincent (Grégoire Colin), a co-founder of a start-up security software, has been living for 20 years in Paris with his wife Louise (Evelyne Brochu), of american origin. When the state of the art software developed by Vincent is hacked by the competition, suspicion and doubt begin to creep into the life of the couple… On a backdrop of espionage, a series high on the links and the secrets of a couple. Arte knows how to propose original creations and intimate. Written and directed by Nicolas Saada (Taj Mahal, Spy(s)), this mini-series mixing espionage and drama of marital promises to be ambitious. White Zone season 2 8X52min – France 2 Two months after the events of the first season, even so, laurène Weiss (Suliane Brahim) has inexplicably survived his wounds. Back to the brigade, she finds a town divided and a Nature that is disturbed by the pollution of the new waste disposal site. While the strange phenomena multiply, even so, laurène continues to track down the mysterious being who abducted her when she was young. She found the trace of a creature’s retort, watching over the forest since always, the celtic God Cernunnos. Human or demon, even so, laurène has the conviction that it is now threatening Villefranche… The first season had ended on a sequence of shock, and had left many questions unanswered. The fantasy thriller created by Mathieu Missoffe, in co-production with RTBF (Belgium), are offered a second season, which promises to be just as dark and fascinating… White Zone – season 2 trailer VF The 19 new series French the most exciting of 2019

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